Belinda Beatty

Property investor, elite performance coach & Air Force flying instructor

As a property investor, elite performance coach and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) flying instructor, Belinda believes that living an extraordinary life is a choice that can be made by anyone.

After leaving a 15-year career of flying in the RAAF that included overseas operations, formations, aerobatics and specialising in airborne instruction, Belinda was able to create a multimillion-dollar investment property portfolio with a six-figure passive income in just a few short years.

Belinda applies her experience of operating at high speed under pressure, and the unique perspectives of elite military operators to her property investing allowing her to make precise decisions that ensures she always hits her financial targets.

Sharing the military mindset, using models that worked for the air force and adapting them to property investment, Belinda educates and inspires others who are looking to find financial freedom.

While her property portfolio has allowed her to quit her job and live life on her own terms, Belinda still likes to fly fast things and feel the wind in her hair.