Ahmad Imam

Edutainer, content creator & highly-regarded social media personality

A video trailblazer described as "charismatic, bold, smart, and engaging", Ahmad's magnetic personality has seen his impactful content go viral, averaging two million views on his posts per month.

His content has also attracted the attention of major media publications, including Forbes and Inc., who have featured Ahmad multiple times for his innovative and viral content and his use of social media for social good.

Ahmad has dominated LinkedIn, becoming one of the top content creators and personalities in his short time on the platform and building an engaged following of over 700k in just 18 months. You can find him co-hosting LinkedIn’s very first TV show ‘Level Up TV’ and leading the way by consistently producing disruptive and impactful content.

As a testament to his success as a content creator, Ahmad was invited to speak at VidCon’s annual event, on the topic, "How to crush it on social media."

Living by the mantra "Your best is yet to come", you can find him regularly inspiring and educating his community by sharing the secrets to gaining greater confidence, building a strong and intentional brand, and unlocking the power of content creation.

Ahmad now uses his proven content strategies and formula for going viral to help entrepreneurs and business leaders become impactful content creators and influential voices in their industry.